Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Month of Visitors

March madness took a new meaning this year. 3.5 weeks of visitors from the US, Spain, Germany, Scotland, France/the UK. 3.5 weeks of excursions and adventures. 3.5 weeks of equal parts tour guiding and getting lost. Here are a few Euro lessons learned: 

The Netherlands will always be strange- in that interesting sort of way

(Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastrict- former Dominican church turned bookstore)

"Church" has several meanings in German:

(schnapps for sale at the koln cathedral gift shop)

Brussels is no town for those on a diet:
(ok, not really brussels, but food/cute kids at the museum ludwig in koln)

(hopdog, brussels)
(toukoul, brussels)
And there is absolutely nothing better than exploring the world- whether in your backyard or across an ocean- with good friends:

(rocking around turnhout)

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