Friday, April 6, 2012

New adventures...

Four more years in Belgium are on the horizon, so its time to really start adapting to local culture.

First lesson: dance moves.

This is the land of clubs and electronic music, and I need to adjust accordingly. Forget the Dougie, the Single Ladies walk, and the Jersey Turnpike- its time to get tektonik:

These dance moves will not only score you a few "putain, mec!"'s dans les discos de Paris, but you'll also post major points with the Dutch coalition, the Belgian street crowd, and pretty much any culture that still encourages mullets (read: Eastern Europe).

So, its high time I fetch a fanny pack, some pumped up kicks, a few polos from the second hand store, and start studying purging record stores of 80's-synth-pop-laced electro vinyls.