Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Return...

...after two long years without a camera, I can return to photographically documenting attempts to integrate into European culture. Europeanization 2.0, we'll call it. Or maybe 4.0, as I'm 4 years deep in this endeavor...

First up: an American in Brussels. My sister returned to Belgium for a winter respite. Unfortunately, Belgium did not provide spring-like weather, but we compensated with vistas, beers, and copious amounts of delicious food. Best efforts were made for her to experience the most enjoyable aspects of Euro-life in the (unofficially official) EU capital. Here is the evidence:

 Fritten en mosselen in De Zinneke, Brussel

 Cologne's Dom

 A personal favorite- drinks at the Bourla in Antwerpen

 Fritten van de fritkot en een pintje, 'tuurlijk!

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